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Medipense pill dispensers

The most intelligent, secure and automatic pill dispenser.
Medication Dispensing Solutions for Seniors in Residences and Long-term Care Facilities, Pharmacies, Clinical Trials, Veterans, Hospitals, Schools, Indigenous Peoples andv Seniors At Home.
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Pivotell pill dispensers

Medicines Management can be particularly difficult for those with a complicated pill regime. Non-compliance can result in unnecessary ill health for the patient, stress for the family, and significant avoidable costs to health and social services.
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The WhiteCellRx™ system maintains a physical and electronic linking of a patient with a secure medication cell and a corresponding dock address, at all times. This link begins at admission to the facility, and continues throughout the patient’s stay, right up until discharge.
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Karie is an automatic medication dispenser that organizes, schedules and delivers medication with the touch of a button.
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CircuPack is a new system that improves speed, accuracy and service when building blister packs for customized medication regimens.
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The Bluetooth enabled Medikyu Smart Pill Bottle monitors when medication is accessed and alerts the user and carers when it is time for the next dose.
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The Shine range of products are designed to assist those with dexterity challenges to more easily handle and dispense medication.
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Mymemo is an easy-to-use personalized pill dispenser. Users program the device through a mobile app and medications are scheduled and dispensed as required.
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REX Mobile Workstations

The clean, simple and smart design of the REX Mobile Workstation was specifically engineered for the mobile work style of medical personnel.

Home care & assisted living

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Automated Pill Dispensing for Seniors Residences, Assisted Living and Managed Care Facilities

Hospitals & aged care facilities

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Improved Medication Management For Institutional Care

Pharmacy solutions

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Technology to assist the accurate fulfilling of Prescriptions for both Home and Institutional Care